Sunday, May 11, 2014

Peace Making

PP Divine Nature #6 & #7

Matthew 5:9:  Blessed are the Peacmakers, for they shall be called the children of God.

I'm really grateful for these two experiences in personal progress.  For almost 2 weeks now I've tried to keep my mind and my heart on being a Peacemaker...why is it so hard?? Why am I so... not peacemakery?  I think part of it is selfishness.  I think I long to have my way, to be validated, to be taken care of... so when someone behaves or makes a choice contrary to my need to be appreciated or helped out, I find it hard to let it go, be peace maker, forgive, and ask for what I need.

Maybe it's the nature of being a mother.  I feel like I have to be the boss, which seems contrary to peace making.  But over the past two weeks, while I'm sooo far from even improving an ounce, I think I can fathom that being the boss, the mom, the disciplinarian, can also mean being a peace maker.

Here are some other divine qualities I've found in my scripture study that  I'd LOVE to acquire someday... somehow:

forbearing one another
forgiving one another
peace of God rule in your hearts

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Integrity Value Project

Value Project:
Having integrity means to keep your commitments.  Identify and keep your commitments to others as you participate as a member of a team or organization or in a leadership osition in your school or community.

I chose my CALLING in Young Women to complete this Value Project.  At first, I thought it was a bit of a cop out.  But then I remembered all the hours, all the prayers, all the meetings, all the wonderful leaders... this is NO cop out!

Having a calling in the church is probably one of the biggest examples of making a commitment and keeping it!  Sometimes I think it can be easier to keep commitments to other organizations, because the church and the members can be so forgiving and understanding.  But keeping commitments to church callings bring far more blessings than keeping commitments to other organizations, though we WILL be blessed for showing integrity no matter.

I haven't been perfect. There are times I forget to pray for the girls.  There are times I selfishly direct a lesson in the way I want it to go, instead of praying for what is best for the girls.  There are times I wanted to watch So You Think You Can Dance instead of going to mutual.  But as I've tried to be consistent, keep the girls in my thoughts and prayers, tried to be an example, and tried not to miss ANYTHING just because I didn't feel like it, I can honestly say I have been so blessed to have this calling.  The girls teach me by their example.  They invigorate me as I remember what it is like to be that age, and how important it is.  They flatter me by letting me into their lives and making me feel hip, even though I'm just an ol' lady now!

Taking a calling in the church requires diligence, integrity, and hard work.  I'm grateful I've been able to spend FAR more than 10 hours on this project and even more to come.  I'm so blessed to be a part of the Young Women's program of the church!!

Rewards of PERSONAL integrity...

As said in my last post, I made a CHORE CHART.  It was pretty hard core!  I've been doing it for 4 weeks now and.... It's making a HUGE difference!!  They are small goals a day.  But when I show INTEGRITY to myself, keep my own commitments, not only do things get done, but I feel a sense of accomplishment and a new LOVE for myself.  I think women have a hard time LOVING themselves (in the good way... not a prideful way) and I'm able to concentrate on my strengths while improving my weaknesses.  But on top of that, I think the biggest difference if feeling the SPIRIT in my home!!  OH how I hate to admit that doing having the laundry done and house clean coordinates with the SPIRIT... but it does!  We have more time as a family and less chaos.  I hope to continue to be true to myself, keep my own commitments, and keep the spirit in my home!

PP: Integrity #2

Thursday, September 13, 2012

PERSONAL Integrity...

(Integrity Value Experience #2)

How can I improve my personal integrity?

I think that a lot of times I have more integrity when it comes to others than myself.  If I sign up for something, or say I will do something, then it will get done.  I really don't lie to others, and try to be honest in all my doings.  Sometimes I wonder if I'm treating myself with that same integrity.  I'll set goals for myself, promise myself I will do something, then I fail more often than not.  Somehow I'm okay letting myself down and not following through, but I'd never intentionally let anyone else down.  This does trickle down into my family, however, which is really disturbing and worthy of a change!  My house doesn't get clean, my dishes and laundry don't get done, the great ideas for teaching the kids get pushed aside because of various reasons... like I'm tired, or there's something else I'd rather be doing.  But if I promised to make dinner for someone else, I'd never call and say, "sorry, I got too tired..."

I'd like to develop the habit of doing what I say I'm going to do in regards to myself, my own goals, etc.    Maybe it's being more organized and seeing it through.  Maybe it's making more realistic goals so I can achieve them.

I'm going to pray about how I can start this week.  I've been feeling impressed to do this for some time now, but this Value Experience has kicked it into gear!  I love personal progress!

I'm going to start with a chore chart... for myself!!  Yikes!!  My husband will be proud...

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Knowledge 3

MONTHS ago I got to go to my lovely beehive, Shea's, middle school performance of Beauty and the Beast.  I meant to pass off "knowledge 3" at that time but it slipped away from me.  This morning I memorized (again) the 13th article of faith and thought the time was perfect that I write my thoughts now.  I've seen the real difference between things that are virtuous, lovely, of good report or praiseworthy... and things that are not.

As for Shea in Beauty and the Beast... TALK ABOUT praiseworthy and lovely!  How wonderful to see VERY young people working so hard, extending their talents, growing friendships and sharing with others despite nerves, etc.  It was an uplifting experience for all of those who were involved.  Shea was outstanding!  I also know that from a friendship she had in that production she was able to do missionary work and bring a friend to girls camp.  Talk about cool!

I was also able to see the show Tarzan at the Arizona Broadway Theater.  This was people maybe 10-15 years later who have since polished their talents and are sharing them on a grander scale.  It was an uplifting show, however , I could sense that as the years go on, people got lost.  Some of the choreography was edgy- men dancing like women, which seemed only to offend my family and I, and no one else in the audience.  It's sad to sit in a family show and be "forced" to pretend it was OK.  The virtuous and lovely potential of that show was diminished for maybe 4 minutes of dancing. I am truly beginning to see how the 13th article of faith is a perfect measuring tape, particularly for entertainment.

Now we are in Las Vegas for the summer.  We got here 2 days ago and decided to do the Las Vegas Blvd Strip to see the water show, pirate show, all the lights, etc.  I was SEARCHING AND SEARCHING for things of virtue.  They are VERY scarce.  We had family home evening and went out for our activity, and it was truly a terrible way to end our family home evening.  Pornography, alcohol, rude behavior, money, etc. saturate this town.  I really wanted to have fun and ignore it, but as latter-day saints, we cannot.  We KNOW better.  We believe in being HONEST, TRUE, CHASTE, BENEVOLENT, VIRTUOUS, and in DOING GOOD TO ALL MEN.  We won't be going back there.

We've been trying to teach Olive about things that are "lovely".  I love that word and so does she.  Princesses are lovely after all.  We try to teach about being lovely in DRESS and BEHAVIOR and SPEACH.  It's helped keep me in check as well!

I'm so grateful to know of these things.  I'm grateful to have seen the bad, so that I can remember how much more LOVELY and, quite frankly, more FUN wholesome things are.  It uplifts my spirit!  I know these things are true and I say them in the name of my Savior, who is the loveliest, Jesus Christ, Amen.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Temples are for TWO...

Raleigh got married April 21st.  We went out to St. George to celebrate and be there for the sealing.  Jordan was highly stressed over school matters and mentioned several times that he might want to duck out of the reception... luncheon... everything... except the temple sealing.  That is the most important part after all.

We show up at the temple.  His temple recommend is expired.  St. George Temple has an army for workers and they would not let him in. They said "even if you call your Stake President it will not make a difference. "  And the truth is... we don't even know our stake president.  He just got called.  We just moved here.

I kissed him goodbye with a sigh and headed in.  Without him.  I thought it was unfortunate.  I was bummed.  But I really didn't think it was that big of a deal.  BUT, then I started praying.  I got into the chapel and it effected me that he was not there with me.  I didn't expect that so much.  I continued to pray.  It was time to go into the sealing.  As I walked through the temple my heart was broken.  I was blindsided by my feelings of sadness at not having him there with me.  I thought, 'oh why am I still praying? it's too late now.'  I looked around the room with everyone anyone cares about, pitying and curious eyes rested on me and I felt embarrassed, sad, and so emotion.  I really didn't expect that.  The sealer began to speak, the words touched my heart, reminding me how grateful I am to be sealed to my one and only.... and the DOOR OPENS.  There he is!  Dressed in white and coming in the middle of the sealing!  I was immediately struck with gratitude.  I was filled with butterflies like when we were very first dating.  Then I was filled with guilt that I gave up on my prayers, as if they COULDN'T be answered "there's nothing He can do." I said to myself

I'll never forget the whispering to my soul of these few words.  "you are good and righteous people"

Overwhelmed.  He thinks we are good.  He thinks we are righteous.  He listened to our prayers.  WE were praying for the same thing at the same time even when we were apart.  He gave us a tender mercy that day, JUST BECAUSE.

This was one of the most sacred days of my life.  The feelings were strong.  They were unexpected.  They were merciful.  They were true.  When I got to my dressing room I knelt down with tears in my eyes THANKING Heavenly Father for that small, to so many, but GREAT blessing that day.  In my tiny dressing room.  Temples are for two... Me and that wonderful guy I married.

I got to hear his crazy story after.  One that was not shy of spiritual depth as well:  The spirit of discernment from the Stake President and the temple recorder.  The blessing that the Stake Pres. answered on the first ring after not ONE of the bishopric could be reached.  He said he felt the spirit so strongly.  And so did I.

I hope I never forget that day.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Give Diligence...

As I read in 2 Peter today, he says at the end of the first chapter that the things he is teaching is not a fable or a story, but he was an EYEWITNESS!  He, Peter, heard with his own ears the voice of God say "This is my Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased" as the Savior lay on the cross.  Can you imagine?  Sometimes I forget that the scriptures are written by real people... and real people who KNEW and WITNESSED the Savior on earth!  I'm reading a book right now written by a real person, talking about real things.  I've been finding it SOOO interesting, and truthfully, I take this author at his word because he's seen it all.  Why am I not so impressed EVERY SINGLE TIME I read the scriptures!  These authors are of God and have seen and witnessed miracles.  I think we can take them at their word:)

I read about divine nature.  It's a phrase we throw out there a lot, especially in YW, but as we've been memorizing The Family: A Proclamation to the World I realized what it actually means.  It's the qualities Heavenly Father has given us, the purpose he has given us, and the things we should strive to live up to and to obtain.

I made a list in my study today of MY divine nature:
Gender (it's part of my divine nature to be female and all that comes with it!)
To multiply and replenish the earth (hopefully not singlehandedly) 
be a wife- a loving and caring one
be a mother- to nurture, teach the gospel
to be in a family unit
to have...
brotherly kindness

What a list, huh?  Imagine if we could live up to all of these things?  That picture is what God hopes and expects, and has given us the tools, to become!!

Peter says in 2 Peter 1:10 to "give diligence and make your calling an election sure...if you do these things ye shall never fall.."

You shall NEVER FALL!?  What a promise.  But we must be diligence in harvesting our own divine nature!!!

(Divine Nature #1)